Vehicle Wraps

Many businesses spend rediculous amounts of money on marketing campaigns. Some of which never actually reach the true consumer. V.I.C. would like to offer you a unique and different form of marketing that will reach a much broader range of potential customers at a not so corporate budget price.

Orange County alone has a population of over 3 million people. How much time do you or someone you kinow spend driving in this highly populated area? Bring your company advertisement to them! Imagine how many people would see a fully wrapped vehicle on a daily basis. A moving, 15 foot billboard is hard to miss.
And the best part………you spend nothing else after the initial cost of the vehicle wrap!

With proper care, vinyl wraps can last from 3-5 years and reach millions of consumers for a very low cost. Our marketing ideas get you a lower cost per impression than any other form of advertisement. Your advertisement will not be fixed at one location. Move your vehicle to concerts, malls, sporting events, or just around town. Attract your consumer’s attention. Be unique.

You can cut out your competition — Give your consumers no other choice. Your ad will stand alone, creating consumer awareness of your company. Vehicle wraps work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for as long as they are on your vehicle. Mobile advertising will allow you to promote your company wherever you go even without you having to do any work! The wrap speaks for itself. For companies with fleet vehicles, you can create a consistent brand image for your entire fleet.

Our workmanship reflects over 10 years of installation experience. We plan to grow our company by maintaining a forward vision of new technology and products to serve the growing and changing needs of our customers.