Drumatik FX

Breathe new life into your old tubs with Drumatik FX drum wraps. Drumatik FX are a durable, affordable solution for old, worn out, faded, or mismatched drum finishes. Made of an ultra-tough premium cast vinyl with an accompanying lamination, Drumatik FX are thin enough to go over your existing wrap or lacquer finish without negatively affecting the fit or function of heads or shell-mounted hardware. Drumatik FX are adhered with a fully adhesive backing to ensure they bond to your drums securely – no sloppy strips of double-stick tape here!

But what happens if you want a new look for your set later on down the road? Well, you’re in luck! As easy as Drumatik FX are to install, they’re just as easy to UNinstall… Looking for those perfect drums, but can’t seem to find a matching set? Piece together the sizes you want – regardless of finish – and bring them all together with Drumatik FX!!